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Turbo Venturi-Injector

Venturis are an efficient way to deliver air to your fish tank. They also do a great job of delivering O2 to and agitating the bio media in moving bed bio-reactors.

These venturis are designed to run with flow rates above 5000lph/1320gph.  From my experience, they will also run well at lower flow rates.

Turbo Venturi-Injector in action

While there may be other venturis for sale online, the "Turbo Venturi-Injector" is designed specifically for use in aquaculture.

I have found the 25mm Turbo Venturi-Injector to be far superior in aerating the water than the cheaper venturis made for liquid “injection” that others recommend for use in aquaponics.

Installing Venturi

Connecting these venturis is easy by using small sections of hose and hose clamps that are available at all good hardware stores.

Various small sections of hose joiners can be found in the irrigation isle and It’s a good idea to use 316 stainless clamps where they will be used in water to prevent corrosion.

Turbo Venturi-Injector connected with ho

An alternate method used by a regular customer is to wrap the intake of the venturi with plumbing tape then insert it into a 25mm/1" PVC coupling.

Turbo Venturi-Injector Alternate connect

The venturi is then secured inside the coupling with a 316 stainless steel screw that is run through a pre-drilled hole.

Turbo Venturi-Injector Alternate connect

Venturi in Action

I demonstrated an older model of this venturi as well as a few different DIY versions I’ve found effective at adding supplemental air into our aquaponics and aquaculture systems in the video below.

A big THANKS needs to go to CC Bear from the Backyard Aquaponics Forum for the first DIY unit shown in the clip. 

Prices may change without notice. 
Rob Gray ABN 94 753 294 205

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