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Rescue Remedy - Soluble Seaweed Flakes

By Plant Doctor

100% soluble flakes

Available in a 500g packets for only


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Rescue Remedy is a soluble seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) amendment that's jam-packed full of natural plant hormones, trace elements, amino acids and chelating agents found in kelp.

Rescue Remedy is a fish friendly amendment that can provide many beneficial micronutrients to aid in plant growth in your aquaponics system. 

Arguably the highest analysis Seaweed fertiliser product in Australia.

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Rob's suggested dosage rates for Aquaponics


1 tsp (2.5g) per 300L of grow bed volume. 
Add directly to grow bed where plants can use it.  
Rescue Remedy soluble seaweed flakes can be diluted in water first or added directly under the water inlet of each grow bed.
PLEASE NOTE - Your water will become very dark but that will generally clear up in a few days. 

Can be added 3-4 weeks or when you feel the plants need a bit of a boost. 

Rescue Remedy soluble seaweed flakes can also be used on your soil vegie patch and fruit trees at a rate of 1 Tbsp per 10 litres of water fortnightly or as required.

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Kelp is a core component in biological agriculture. It is an indispensable bio-stimulant which can provide the following benefits:

  • Bio-protection – via root-zone stimulation.

  • Root stimulation – the larger the roots the better the yield.

  • To help increase brix levels.

  • Improved flowering and fruit set.

  • A “rescue remedy” – kelp can support and rejuvenate during stress periods.

  • To relieve plants suffering from stress such as heat, frost, transplanting etc.

  • To help boost disease and pest resistance.

100% Organic Certified Ascophyllum nodosum

Kelp also contains complex carbohydrates which are a powerful beneficial microbial stimulant helping to feed the microbial (fauna & flora) component of our aquaponic systems.


Nitrogen 1%

Phosphorus 0.8%

Potassium 16-21%

Iron 0.1-0.4%

Sulphur 1%

Calcium 0.15-0.2%

Magnesium 0.3-0.6%

Boron 24ppm

Cobalt 1-5ppm

Iodine 500-850ppm

Manganese 24-40ppm

Copper Max 20ppm

Nickel Max 3ppm

Zinc Max 100ppm

Mannitol 7%

Cytokinins/gibberellin 600ppm

Alginic acid 18%

Amino acids 1.5%

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Prices may change without notice. 
Rob Gray ABN 94 753 294 205

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