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Mentoring Session with Rob​ 
Mentoring with Rob is a service designed to help those that are looking to build their first backyard aquaponics systems or for folks with existing Aquaponics systems that would like a few pointers to help them run more productively.
The price of a one-hour face to face session with follow up emails is US$75 for a limited time.  
Sign up HERE if you're interested in getting some help from Rob with your Aquaponics Now. 

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What Fishy Issues do you Have?

Prior to the face to face session, you'll be asked to provide any issues you're having with your existing system or plans you have in mind for your future Aquaponics system.
This will help Rob compile the information you need before you sit down to chat, giving you the best bang for your buck and the information you need on the day.

Don't worry if you're new to aquaponics and are not 100% sure what you need to know. You can nut that out during the consultation and in the follow-up correspondence with Rob. 😁👍

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"What Does It Cost & What Do I Get?"

The Mentoring service Rob is US$75** and includes,

  • One Hour face to face consultation via Zoom

  • Access to a priority email account for 1 month for any follow up questions

  • 6 Months FREE membership to Rob's "Farm Your Own Yard" Patron Site

Please list any questions or information you require regarding your current or planned Backyard Aquaponics system in the box provided when you book your consultation time. This will help Rob prepare so you can dive right in as soon as the Face to Face kicks off. 

Bookings outside the times offered can be done for those in different time zones.
Please email to arrange alternate booking times directly with Rob.

**For Limited Time Only

Sign up HERE

What Others Have to Say...

"Rob really helped me get a clear understanding about how to build my system. From how much bio media, to how many fish, to how plumb and setup my system, Rob’s answered every question, and really helped me feel confident in my build. I’ve never done a split system before, and I’m putting it in my basement! I know I wouldn’t have figured this stuff out without his help!"

Dr Bryan Deloney

"My IBC system was a breeze to setup after watching Rob's videos. Due to the environment that I grow in, I ran into some issues and reached out to Rob for some advice. Not only did he correct my issues, but I had instant peace of mind knowing that any future issues could easily be resolved in a timely manner."

Michael Tillis

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