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Uniseals are a rubber seal used to run pipe through the walls of tanks, filters & grow beds in aquaponics and hydroponic systems. 

 Uniseals are more adaptable than the traditionally used threaded bulkhead/tank fittings used by many aquaponicist as they are suitable for use in walls of uneven thickness, curved surfaces and even pipes.

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Uniseals For Americans

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Installing Uniseals

Step 1.. Using a hole saw, cut a hole to the correct size for the Uniseal you are installing. (Pipe & Saw Sizing Chart below). Make sure that the hole is a clean cut as irregularities could result in poor seating and leakage. Ridges and burrs must be removed from hole saw cut. 

Step 2.. Place the Uniseal into the hole with the wide side facing the direction the pipe is going to be inserted.

Fitting Uniseal

Step 3.. Chamfer/bevel the edge of the pipe to 15º min. Ensure that there are no sharp points to cut the Uniseal fitting. 

Step 4.. Wet and apply liquid detergent to the end of the pipe to be inserted into the tank. Then drive the pipe through the Uniseal from its wide side. (It may be necessary to use a mallet and dolly). The detergent will be squeezed out as the pipe passes through the Uniseal.

The coefficient of friction of the rubber holds the pipe tightly in place. 

DO NOT use silicone, grease or Vaseline, as anything with a slippery or greasy base will cause the marriage between the pipe and the Alcryn in the Uniseal to fail under pressure.

Used with permission from Uniseal Australia

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It can be a challenge to insert the thinner walled pipe through a Uniseal. The clip below shows you a few methods which will help those out that are having issues. 

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