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Leftovers With Chinese Noodles & Greens

A Recipe shared with Supporters Earlier in 2020.

Hey Folks. Here's a look at how we've used harvest from the patch along with some leftover roast to make up a very tasty Chinese inspired noodle dish.

The bok choy was separated into leaf & stem sections as they have different cooking times. The broccoli was also broken down into smaller heads before being added to the steamer.

The lamb was diced into ¼"/1cm ish cubes & stir fried with some store bought oyster mushrooms & garlic. The meat & mushrooms were heated through.

the whites of the green onions were chopped & added to the meat along with the bok choy stems.

2 dessert spoons of oyster sauce & soy sauce were also added & mixed through. The heat was turned off once we were happy with how well the meat & veg were done.

The bok choy greens were stirred through & allowed to wilt in the pan.

While this was going on the broccoli was added to the steamer & the noodles were boiled in some slightly salted water.

Once cooked, the noodles were added to a hot saucepan along with the greens from the onions, about 2 dessert spoons of sesame oil & a heaped dessert spoon of fermented bean paste.

This bean paste is fairly new to us as we only discovered it while out at the aquaponics farm we recently visited. Amy made us a similar noodle dish to have as a side & we've since made it at least a dozen times ourselves. 😉

The noodle dish was stirred constantly until the onion greens started to wilt then was plated up along with the meat & broccoli.

This was a great way to use up some leftovers & was enjoyed by all. 👍

Hope you enjoyed this look at this quick & tasty meal. Cheers all & Happy Growing. 🌱🥦😁

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