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"Queensland Nut" Buster Nutcracker

The "Queensland Nut" Buster IS the Best Value Nutcracker you can buy.
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“Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker

The "Queensland Nut" Busters ARE the Best Value Nutcrackers you can buy.

The "Qld Nut" Buster makes very quick work of opening macadamia, walnuts & other nuts. With a little practice, you'll be extracting whole macadamia nuts at a cracking pace.

AU$59.95 + postage & handling for Aussies - AU$54.55 + postage & handling outside of Australia

The “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker is not just a macadamia nutcracker. It can be also be used on nuts such as pecans, hazelnuts and walnuts as shown in the video below.

The “Queensland Nut” Buster Nutcracker handle and stands are made using durable hardwood from the Kwila (merbau) tree. At the head of the handle, there is a rubber sleeve that securely grips the nut while it is cracked. Once cracked, any remaining nut in the sleeve is removed using the ejection wire that is built into the head of the cracker.

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