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DIY Aquaponics Solids Filters 

Why Do We Remove the Fish Solids?

Removing solids is a bit of a hot topic amongst many “gurus” and enthusiasts in online forums and social media groups. You can check out the "Solids Management in Backyard Aquaponic Systems" page if you want a more detailed explanation as to my opinion on fish solids management. 


To cut a long story short, if the large solids produced by the fish are left to build and decompose over time, they will reduce the ability of your grow beds to efficiently process the ammonia produced by the fish.

If these solids can build up to a point where anoxic or anaerobic zones form leading to denitrification as well as the release of harmful gases like hydrogen sulphide into the system potentially poisoning the fish.

I for one will always have some form of solids filtration on our backyard systems after having a few close calls with built-up solids that caused spikes in the water’s pH and nitrite levels. Both of these events could have caused a major fish kill if I let go unchecked.

Now, onto the filters....

I have made 2 different types of filters here that both work very well.
The first is a radial flow filter/settler & the second is a basic canister style filter. First off, we’ll look at the Radial Flow Filter.

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